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Kansas City-based photographer Scott Chapin has spent a lifetime behind the lens. His photographic journey began in his hometown of Mount Vernon, Missouri where he was the lead photographer for his high school newspaper. He attended Kansas State University, where he studied business administration, but his experiences travelling abroad during summers between school years inspired him to pursue professional photography as a career. His decision led him to Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, a leading media and communication arts college. In 1990, he received his B.A. in Photography, and in 1994, he opened his own photography studio in Kansas City.

For over 20 years, Chapin Photography has been a respected resource for many types of commercial and private photography, including portrait photography, architectural photography, detail photography, executive portrait photography, and pet photography.

Scott Chapin has a unique talent for subject lighting and background design that has been sought out by companies and business professionals across the Greater Kansas City Area. He has earned a reputation as a talented business portrait photographer, who is often called upon for photography sessions with business executives and professionals. Scott is also a talented architectural and detail photographer who knows how to bring sharp focus to the fine details of a property or subject.

Scott has a long-held belief that his talents are equal parts technical skill and God-given talent. For him, a career spent capturing life's wondrous moments on film has been a journey of discovery, learning, and joy. Every day behind the camera brings him an opportunity to realize how the true essence of a subject can be revealed through the use of photographic technique and skill.

If you are interested in discussing a photography session with portrait photographer Scott Chapin, and you are in the Greater Kansas City Area (or surrounding regions), please click here to contact the Scott Chapin Photography studio. Scott Chapin is a member of KC Freelance Exchange, and National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

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